Building Dreams with Eshelman Sand & Gravel: Your Go-To in Kendallville, IN

Planning a project in Kendallville, IN? Meet your perfect partner – Eshelman Sand & Gravel, your top sand and gravel company. We’re all about quality materials and reliable service to make your projects a breeze. Let’s dive into what we offer to bring your ideas to life.

What We Have for You

From crafting durable driveways to offering versatile limestone, essential gravel, premium sand, carefully chosen topsoil, reliable dump truck rentals, and the multi-use crushed stone – we have the perfect ingredients to bring your visions to life. 

Solid Driveways

A solid driveway is the epitome of durability and aesthetic appeal. Utilizing our reliable materials, we provide the perfect foundation for crafting driveways that not only withstand the test of time but also add an eye-catching element to your property. Whether for residential or commercial projects, our commitment to delivering a robust base ensures that your driveways remain both functional and visually appealing.

Versatile Limestone

Limestone stands out as an all-purpose rock that adds a unique blend of strength and style to a wide array of construction and landscaping applications. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for projects ranging from building structures to enhancing outdoor spaces. With Eshelman Sand & Gravel, experience the flexibility and resilience that versatile limestone brings to your construction projects.

Gravel for Every Job

Gravel is an indispensable material, serving as the go-to solution for every project. Whether you’re filling trenches, creating drainage systems, or laying the groundwork for pathways, gravel is a versatile and essential component. Our selection of gravel ensures that you have the right material for every job, providing stability and functionality in various construction and landscaping applications.

Top-Notch Sand

Our top-notch sand is a cornerstone for a variety of purposes, from the meticulous mixing of concrete to creating inviting play areas. We take pride in providing high-quality sand that meets the standards required for construction and recreational projects. With Eshelman Sand & Gravel, you can rely on our top-notch sand to be the fundamental element in achieving your project goals.

Carefully Chosen Topsoil

The success of gardening and landscaping projects often hinges on the quality of topsoil used. At Eshelman Sand & Gravel, our carefully chosen topsoil is handpicked and screened to meet the highest standards. Ideal for promoting plant growth, this topsoil provides the essential nutrients and structure needed to cultivate healthy and vibrant landscapes.

Dump Truck Rental

Transportation is a critical aspect of any construction or landscaping project, and our dump truck rental service is designed to meet your logistical needs. Offering reliable and well-maintained trucks, we ensure that you have the necessary equipment to move materials efficiently, enhancing the overall workflow and success of your project.

Crushed Stone Versatility

Crushed stone proves to be a versatile material with applications ranging from road construction to landscaping projects. Its durability and adaptability make it a go-to choice for various construction needs. Experience the versatility of crushed stone in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your projects, providing a durable solution for roads, pathways, and more.

Your Sand and Gravel Solution

Eshelman Sand & Gravel isn’t just a supplier; we’re your go-to for quality materials and reliable service. Whether it’s a small home project or a big construction job, we’ve got the experience and resources you need. We get Kendallville, and we’re here to provide the materials that will make your projects shine.

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Your satisfaction is our promise. Reach out to Eshelman Sand & Gravel today to chat about your project and get a customized quote. Let us be your partner in turning your ideas into reality. Your journey from vision to reality starts with the right materials, and we’re here to deliver.

With every load of sand and gravel, we’re your reliable partner for construction and landscaping. 

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